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Dan Sheridan - THE MANGO TRADE

In this class, Dan Sheridan shares with you how he constructs, trades, and manages “The Mango Trade”

Detailed Class Content

Class#1 with Dan: The Mango 

0- Introduction, Class Outline and structure.
10:25- Whiteboard Teaching on what is a Mango Butterfly and where a mango evolves from?
35:45- Mango Guidelines (Starting with a Balanced Butterfly)
40:15- Mango Guidelines (Mango or unbalanced Fly)
45:00- Mango Guidelines (Wider Mango)
46:00- Why do a Mango Butterfly?
49:50- Differences between Balanced and Unbalanced Butterflies?
50:25- Differences between ATM and OTM Butterfly Trades?
52:05- Basic Guidelines and Risk Management of an all Call Mango Trade?
69:40- Live Class Trade
82:32 – End

Class #2 with Dan: All Put Mango Example with Adjustments. 

1:30- All Put Mango Butterfly with Adjustments
35:25- Review live trade from Wednesday (Previous Class)
38:45- Live Trade Today (Shorter Duration Mango) and Q and A
58:01- End

Class #3 with Mark Fenton: Asymmetrical Put Butterfly 

0:00- Introduction to asymmetrical put butterfly
1:30- I Entry rules and set up
4:00- I Adjustment guidelines
8:30- I Slides with set up and adjustment points graphic detail
37:00- I Live set up on an SPX all put asymmetrical fly
52:00- I Q&A – End

Class #4 with Jay Bailey 

00:00– Introduction to Mango Trade and History
07:15– Basic Principles of the Mango
10:40– Setup Guidelines
16:35– Live Setup Example
24:00– Adjustment Guidelines: Delta
38:00– Adjustment Guidelines: Break-Even
46:20– Exit & Extras
50:00– Questions & END

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