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Simplertrading – Timing Mastery Combo Package (ELITE PACKAGE)

In this extended class you will discover:

FIVE HIGH-PROBABILITY setups designed to turn every $1 risked into $5 (or more) with “3D” Fibonacci timing tools.

Our quick-and-dirty way to find precise Fib levels, Fib clusters, symmetry, and precise timing — even if you are new to Fibonacci tools.

How to exploit “magnetic” support and resistance levels to ride institutional order flow. This can be your secret weapon to avoid getting run over by the market.

Discover the highest probability way to generate consistent options income without watching the markets all day. Just combine low-risk spreads with specific Fib levels.

How to enjoy tight stops with precise trade entry triggers. Finally, know exactly when to get in with confidence (and when to bail with the smallest possible risk).

Discover how we use our favorite Candlestick patterns with precise timing tools to take the guesswork out of entries, exits, stops, and profit targets.

How to use options with Fib timing tools to stack the odds in your favor and limit risk (the amazing way even newer traders can rapidly grow smaller accounts).


Recorded Extended Strategy Class + Fibonacci 101 Course + E-Learning Module with Interactive Quiz + All Live-Trading Session Recordings + 3-Month Fibonacci Gold Membership

With the Elite Package you get everything included in the Basic and Premium Packages PLUS 3 months Fibonacci Queen Gold Membership.

Fibonacci Queen Gold Membership is the only way to get direct access to Carolyn Boroden, the “Fibonacci Queen.” Her training is revolutionary as it unwraps the actual time axis of the markets. Carolyn does all the work for you and keeps you updated with detailed daily videos.

Her method of combining price and symmetry with a well-defined time element is a huge edge over other traders who never truly look at REAL TIMING of the markets.

Fibonacci Queen Gold Membership is your way to avoid flying blind or acting on emotions when trading. Even if you’ve struggled to grow an account in the past, Carolyn’s training delivers eye-opening insight into predicting trades as you develop Fibonacci time and price mastery.

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